Sports Betting in the Real Atmosphere Now

A few tips for those who recently started earning money on sports betting. More capaciously about all the same is written on our pages, here are also contained in several paragraphs the answers to the most frequent and obvious questions of inexperienced players.

How much can you earn?

The total earnings depend on your game balance, on those strategies, financial and gaming that you apply, as well as on the restrictions that a bookmaker can place for players. All these aspects are considered on our pages. The best of the game methods are placed in our section with paid access. But in the free section is collected quite useful information.

On average, a good indicator is the doubling of the bank during the month. Such indicators are typical for a game with an average risk of losing (7-10% per year – this is the risk of a “plum”, ie, a bank loss). At the same time, it is technically not difficult to double the bank in a day, but the risks in this case will be excessively high and do not justify high profits.


In the game, online bookmakers have their cunnings and nuances that either come with experience or, like us – are collected in one place. Follow them or not – it’s up to you:

  • Firstly, we recommend that you initially register on the site of more than one bookmaker, and several. This will make it possible to work in more markets, choose the most favorable coefficients, and immediately work with arbitration situations (so-called “forks”).
  • Secondly, when registering, do not forget to enter promotional codes. Or simply register, switching from partner banners (almost all the banners on our site are affiliate). For registration with them, you will receive additional bonuses from bookmakers. The list of bookmakers giving the start bonus is here. In best Sportsbook pay per head you will be having the essential options in much easy ways.
  • Thirdly, after entering the first deposit, increase the working bank to the maximum possible. At maximum, you mean the amount that you can afford on one bookmaker. While studying, do not risk big bets, when you figure it out, you can apply the accumulated experience without delay.

Where to put?

There are hundreds of bookmakers in the world. To recommend any concrete is difficult – there are too many criteria for a choice. If there is time to pick up, go to our rating and read the descriptions. If there is no time or desire or want to trust our opinion, it is this: work on proven offices with a rich history and high reputation is definitely a more sensible choice than to trust advertising slogans and marketing promises little-known bookmakers.

For example, here are two bookmakers, the first of which are Ladbrokes, is the oldest and most authoritative bookmaker in the world. The second – Pinnacle Sports, is known for its loyal attitude to professional players, even those who work at arbitration (forks).