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No matter if you unpack your PS4 minutes ago or have it since November 2018, it’s unlikely that you will have used all the features that the Sony console can offer. Next, you will learn about our ten favorite tips, which make it much easier to use this wonderful device.

Connect the keyboard and mouse

It’s all simple. Connect the keyboard and mouse to the ports on the front of the console – and they will work. P2 games cannot be used constantly, since most games do not support this mode (especially network ones – Sony is afraid that you will have an unfair advantage over rivals with gamepads). But for browsers or filling out forms, that’s what you need. Also there is the possibility of connecting wireless devices.

Use the PlayStation application to communicate

Sony has a couple of applications for Android’a and iOS, which allow you to use your mobile phone as an additional screen for your set-top box. The main function of these applications is communication in PS Network. You can chat with your friends in games without breaking away from the gameplay on the console. Or do not include it at all – it works as a stand-alone messenger.

Some Sony games also support the use of the phone as a second game screen and you can control some actions in the game with it.

Enable voice commands

Thanks to Siri and Google Now we are used to giving voice commands to our electronics. And the PS4 does not need to stay away. If you want to use voice control, you will need a headset with a microphone or, if you have a PlayStation Camera, then it already has a microphone, and you can use it.

In the same menu you can see the full list of supported commands: PS4 allows you to switch to various menus, take screenshots, launch applications, and turn off the console itself and much more.

Save games via USB port

If you decide to replace the hard drive in your PS4, play on someone else’s console or want to back up your precious achievement – there is an easy way to secure your save and transfer them to a USB flash drive or external hard drive. The reverse restoration of the storage from this medium will be no less easy.

Go to Settings, select Application Saved Data Management and before you will be presented the possibility of moving save files between PS4, connected to the USB port of the device and the online store “PlayStation Plus”. You can also save your screenshots to the same media by going to the Capture Gallery in the main menu of PS4, and then selecting the image and clicking Options.

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