Another View at the Best Bets for You

The task of this material is to increase your success when staking straight bets. To do this, you need to meet the conditions and strategies we have set in the guide. Major losses on battery bets are mostly due to incompetence and wrong combination of events.

The essence of multiple bets

In fact, these are multiple bets that combine individual events and markets. Potential winnings are determined by multiplying all odds and bets. The difficulty of winning multiple combinations occurs because you cannot make a mistake. Your bet is profitable if you have recognized all the events. Even with one mistake, you lose. Yes, there are new tools in some bookmakers, who increase your probability of winning straight columns, but we will mention later in the article. For the PanduanBermain P2Play this is important now.


Let’s look at an example that will help you more easily understand the nature of the right columns. Let’s say you have selected the following options:


  • Real Madrid – Barcelona goal / goal – 1.50 odds
  • Chelsea – Watford 1 – 1.40 odds
  • Warder – Bayern Munich mark 2 – 1.35 odds

At first reading, regardless of the current status of your teams, your options seem too likely, right? Yes, but do not forget that here you have to recognize all three events. Your winnings are formed by multiplying all odds (1.50 * 1.40 * 1.35 = 2.84). So if you bet £ 10 to this column, you will earn $ 28.40. Batteries allow you to combine possible events to raise the overall odds. In some bookmakers, the limitation is up to 12 combinations, others up to 15. This is entirely up to the policy of the company, but we advise you not to reach such a number.

Create straight columns on the web

Placing a multiple bet in online bookmakers is easy and does not require any particular computer knowledge. Columns are created automatically after selecting your events by clicking on their odds. Most often, in the right part of the site, a list of your selections appears. Below are usually the possible ways to bet. If you want a system, enter a sum in the appropriate field. For columns, the area corresponding to the number of coupon events is determined. If there are no blocked matches, your datasheet is processed by the system and becomes active for 3-4 seconds. This automated software allows you to create quick selections for live bets.

Tools that help bettors

Part of the online bookmakers included tools that are extremely useful for accumulator bets. It is joyful news for home users that licensed companies in Bulgaria also have such services.


Cache au gives you full control over active coupons. Through it, you keep track of the current development information for all meetings and, depending on the current outcome, you receive a closing amount. Bet365 is the best bet betting option. It is active in almost all events and markets. Last year, a new alternative option was added that allows you to partially close the rechargeable slips, that is, you are withdrawing a proposed amount for one part of your bet and the other staying in place. Bulgarian companies Feet and Win bet also added cachet, promising to update and change them in positive direction.